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Acceptable Income Verification

Business for Self:

1)    Sole Proprietor

a.    2 years complete personal tax returns prepared by accountant

b.    add backs can be included & added to income

2)    Controlling Partner

a.    2 years financial statements prepared by accountant

b.    Or 2 years personal tax returns prepared by accountant

c.    Add backs for any paper write-offs may be acceptable (capital costs, business use of home, and motor vehicle expenses, subject to insurer approval)

3)    Corporation

a.    2 years T4’s

b.    AND business financials or tax returns to ensure continued income (15% add back line 150 for all BFS clients)

4)    Commission

a.    Tax returns averaging the last 2 years income (If income has declined in latest tax year, client must be able to qualify on most recent declined income)

Salaried, 2 of the following:

a.    Employment letter

b.    Paystub within 30 days of closing

c.    T4 – if client has had 2 different employers over the last 2 years, T4’s for last 2 years are required

Salaried with Bonus, Overtime or Tips:

b.    Employment letter

c.    Paystub within 30 days of closing

d.    T4, verifying 2 years history of additional income

Salaried with Commission:

e.    Employment letter

f.     Tax returns averaging the last 2 years income – If income has declined in latest tax year, client must be able to qualify on most recent declined income

Fixed Income:

1)    Alimony, Child Support income or payments – must be court ordered & verified for minimum 3 years

2)    Disability or Workman’s Compensation – must be verified that its permanent or will continue for 3 years

3)    Permanent Disability – income must be confirmed via insurance award letter

4)    Pension Income – must be verified via payment cheque, bank statements or letter indicating annual amount

Non-Taxable Income:

The following examples of non-taxable income can be used if income is verified and will continue untaxed for minimum 3 years.  If non-taxable income is less than $30,000 gross up by 25%, if equal to or greater than $30,000 gross up by 35%:

1)    Military allowances

2)    Disability retirement payments

3)    Workers compensation benefits

4)    Child support payments

5)    Old Age Security

6)    Native Indian Income

7)    Foster Care Income

Other Forms of Acceptable Income:

1)    Interest & Dividend – continuation for min 3 years & 2 years tax returns confirming past history & proof of assets to support ongoing income

2)    Trust Income – continuation for min 3 years & copy of trust agreement or trustee’s statement & 2 years tax returns confirming past history

3)    Mortgage Income – continuation for min 3 years & copy of mortgage document & 2 years tax returns or bank statements showing income deposits

4)      Inherited &/or Guaranteed Income – continuation for min 3 years & proof income paid to borrower as beneficiary, method of payment & duration, portion not taxable & 2 years tax returns confirming past history

5)      Temporary Disability – only considered if confirmation is received from employer of continued employment & anticipated return date

6)      Seasonal Unemployment – 2 years tax returns & letter from employer confirming continued employment & return to work date.

7)      Maternity Leave – 100% used if confirmation from employer verifies start & return date, income & position are the same

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