STOP RENTING! - Why Buy Today!!!

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Everyone dreams to own a home. Many people rent because they feel they do not have enough downpayment, credit or will not get approved for a mortgage.

Take the steps today to work towards owning a home. Stop letting your hard earned money pay for someone elses mortgage!

Example: Let's say you rent for $1300 a month.

1 year: $1300 X 12 = $15,600/y
3 years: $1300 X 36 =
$46,800!!Toronto Real Estate GTA - Call today.

You do not need a large downpayment, you may be able to get 0% down. Call to find out how.

We can show you your total mortgage, monthly expenses and closing costs!! (see chart)
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Call now to get a customized Cost Estimate Sheet. Every buyer should have this!

Why everyone should own their home:

1st) It is a Necessity, Security and Investment.
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  • Necessity: You need a Place to Live in. 
  • Security: No landlord is threatening you. 
  • Investment: It's a long term investment. It won't go wrong.

Statistics Prove it!


2nd) Low Interest Rates

Toronto Real Estate GTA - Low interest rates

Take advantage of today's Low Mortgage Rates. Interest Rates are going up! Get Qualified today to get bigger mortgage savings and pay lower monthly payments. This will Save you Thousands of Dollars! Ask me How. Click here to use our mortgage calculator.

Bank Interest rates are at a lowest... buyers and investors who have money in banks are not getting good interest. Investing your money into Real Estate will give you Greater Returns!


3rd) 2009 - A buyers Market!

The media keeps talking about it. Home prices are not appreciating anymore... but for how long? Buy now! Next year when the market starts growing again, your property value will grow with it.

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